The Mango Lifeline Indicator

Ripe Opportunities. Sweet Returns

With the Mango Lifeline you can:

1) Identify the Market Bias:
Bullish / Bearish / Neutral

The market is always right!
And staying on the right side of the market will keep you profitable. The Mango Lifeline Indicator shows you the Market Bias with clarity & ease on any desired time-frames.

Green: Bullish Bias
Red: Bearish Bias

(And ofc, you have control over the colours)

2) Spot Buying & Selling Opportunties

The Mango Lifelines helps traders spot:

  • BUY Bid opportunities if the Market Bias is Bullish on a desired timeframe

  • SELL Bid opportunties if the Market Bias is Bearish on a desired timeframe

The Mango Lifeline automatically amends the 'Trade Opportunities ' depending on the Market Bias

3) Detect High Probability Target Levels

The Mango Lifelines also helps traders discern the next high probability Target Level on their Long Trades (Buy) & Short Trades (Sell)

If a target is overcome, the Mango lIfeline automatically prints a new Target based on prevailing price action on the chart. Keeping traders objective at all times.

Price 'Targets' are printed based on current Market Bias on any specific Timeframe

4) Highlight Trade Invalidations (aka when are you wrong?)

The Mango Lifeline highlights Invalidation levels that could potentially turn the bias of the market.

This especially helps with:

  • Understanding

EARLY-BIRD Pricing Deals