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Consistent Profits

The Mango Seed Program is designed to turn you from a "Regular Joe" into a consistently profitable trader.

I've traversed the pains and trials of this journey. I'm putting this program together to ensure that you avoid the unnecessary tears, losses and frustration.

You often hear people say "there's nothing better than learning from your mistakes". Well, there's not entirely true. There's one better: "there's nothing better than learning from other people's mistakes". This course is designed with that in mind. You will learn from all of my experiences as well as the experiences I've gathered from other professional traders

But I want to be clear on this: Yes, you will save time, tears and money - but there will be no short cuts other than that. This will be an intense course with a lot of content. You will learn to trade like a professional does. You will learn to conquer the strategies of leverage trading, instead of letting it conquer you. We are going to take this one step at a time.

So if you are ready to invest in yourself, I invite you to join us in the Mango Seed Program.

Your Instructor

Shawn Dexter
Shawn Dexter

Shawn has a voracious hunger for financial markets, monetary history and technical analysis. This hunger combined with his strong fundamental backbone gives him a unique and powerful edge on the markets. Shawn is an autodidact and has always loved to teach.

Market Analyst & Fundamental Researcher
PhD Candidate (Blockchain Tech)
MSc in Computer Science (Ontology Engineering)
Former Product Manager, Software Developer

My Journey

"Why risk everything you worked so hard for?", they asked

That "big" six-figure-job seemed so perfect on paper. Yes, I had the fancy car. Yes, I had the fancy condo. What I didn't seem to have anymore though...was my freedom. Was the money worth it if I couldn't spend time with my beautiful fiance'? Was it worth if I had only 3 weeks of vacation time to visit my single-mom across the world?? So I gave it all up. And went in search for a profession where I could have both - my freedom AND the money. It wasn't long before I realized that the markets were the answer.

I applied my decade worth of technical and research experience to study everything there was to know about financial markets and monetary history. I hunted down and interviewed the best traders I could find. What was the most efficient way to make money? What was the best way to keep it? I found answers. I practiced. I won. I lost. I won more. I lost more. I won. I kept. There was sweat, there were tears. But the journey was worth it. Money AND Freedom.

I'm here now to guide you to that same freedom . A journey away from the monotony and insecurity that your disgruntled neighbor has to endure every single day. A journey where you can spend the time (and money) on your loved ones and on the things you love doing.

"Man is anxious to improve his circumstance, but is unwilling to improve himself..."

- James Allen (As a Man Thinketh)

Everyone wants the dream life. They also want it quick and easy. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Sure, you'll hear stories of how your friends made 10x profits by investing so-n-so Dog Coin. But how many of them managed to keep those profits? Easy come, easy go. Their success was precedented on being lucky and staying lucky. Having a core foundation allows you to shape your own circumstance. Focus on building yourself, and the rest will follow on its own.

"Your greatness is only limited by the investment you make in yourself"

If you don't invest in yourself, you will never be successful as a trader. It's as simple as that. Humans tend to take for granted that which comes easy. Everyone wants financial freedom and luxury. But are they ready to invest in themselves first? It won't matter how good this course content is if you're not ready to invest in yourself.

Course Curriculum

What Students Are Saying...

"The Mango Seed Program has been a brilliant community that is filled with exemplary mentors and proactive members who are willing to help and contribute their knowledge that facilitates my growth as a trader in a non-discriminatory environment. Shawn and his team are selfless and perceive our learning at utmost level by providing quality education through learning modules and trade discussions. Honestly, I am glad that I have invested in this course. Unlike many trading courses, the program focuses on building and solidifying fundamental trading concepts in addition to brewing a trader’s mindset required to be successful."

Tommy G, from the Mango Seed Program

Read more on Tommy's growth as a trader

“You've put a lot work into this course, pal! It's fantastic! I'm blown away. One massive thing for me is that your course has helped me control my emotions. I'm way cooler now when it comes to trading. I used to be erratic and greedy, that's all changed. Its even helped with my day trading loads.

I started up again Thursday last week and every day since I've had a profit of $500+ 4 days trading up over $3500! I will use that then re-invest into crypto I feel much more confident with my trades since taking your course and learning how the market moves!"

Robert James, from the Mango Seed Program

"I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you teaching us this. To anyone who hasn't yet watched the entire thing: Forget the ribbon, forget the vine, this is the real edge. This is what you want. When you watch it and understand the benefits of it, you will see how incredible powerful this is."

LEIDULV V, from the Mango Seed Program

"Amazing program! Mango Seed walks you through trading from first principals - explaining trading philosophy all the way to integrated technical analysis. Shawn explains the psychology underlying each concept, so you aren’t just route learning TA but gaining a holistic understanding of the market. I especially like the live chart examples, quizzes, and exercises to help you consolidate what you learnt each module."

- Mel L, from the Mango Seed Program

I'm only a beginner here and still finishing up the remainder of the modules, but to be honest the Seed program has been great for setting up the right mindset and system so far. Definitely have a different view on how to approach the markets. Its good to have the tools and a community with similar goals as you to help guide you and contribute to the well of knowledge

Andrew X, from the Mango Seed Program

"Hi Shawn, thanks for asking about my progress. It’s funny you ask, because just yesterday I was chuckling to myself about how much I've learned from the Mango Seed Course. I'm like, man, I understand trading so much better already! I'm amazed by the perspective I have now, which I didn't have just a few short months ago. I mean, to think this is just the beginning–jeez! Great godam stuff, buddy! Thank you!!"

E Felix, from the Mango Seed Program

"What I’ve noticed from the seed program and the mango way is that everyone sort of reaches similar conclusions by themselves. And that tells you whether something really works or not. We all have our way of looking at things but generally speaking, using the mango method, it sort of directs all of us down similar ideas by ourselves. This tells me that the mango way of analysing markets is as objective and genuine as you can get"

JOJO, from the Mango Seed Program

"I can honestly say that being in this group has drastically changed how I'm taking trades. Can say with a certainty I would have lost money or been stuck in a trade I was unhappy with, without even some of the basic tools you give us from the get-go. The little bit of knowledge and idea that there's more to learn has made it easier for me to slow down and take a look at what I'm about to go into."

"I can't say enough positive things about everyone in this group and the program. I'm so excited to be here and feel like this was the last part of the puzzle I needed to be able to make this come together for me. "

Cole, on the Mango Seed Program

“You've taught me a lot Shawn Dexter. From the Ichimoku to the importance of macro analysis on the larger time frames, to "trading the stress free way," I've grown incredibly since watching your videos. You're a breath of fresh air in this sometimes toxic crypto space. I look forward to gaining more experience with the Mango indicator and improving upon my trading strategy. Here's to the future of crypto riding shotgun with the #MangoFam"

Magnus China, from the Mango Seed Program

Really enjoying the module on institutional investors and the paradox... I’ve always been curious about a few of the things you covered in that module.Some big fish out in the water for sure lol. Good stuff bro

D Morgan, from the Mango Seed Program

I have made between 200-500 each day this week because of your teachings.I know it takes the courage to do it, but I am trying this out on my small account

Tea Bab, from the Mango Seed Program

What You Get?

30 hours of Focused Trading Lessons ... and more to come

Module 1 - Welcome to Mango Seed (34 min)

A Journey To Consistent Profits

Who Is The Program Not For?

What This Program Will Teach You?

What Is The Program Optimized For?

Mango Program - A Moon Mission?


Module 2 - The Reality Of Markets (46min)

The Reality Of Markets


The Efficient Markets Hypothesis

Efficient Markets - Where It Stemmed From

Reality Of Markets - Behavioral Finance

Optimism & Pessimism

Market Movers

Summary & Conclusion

Live Example: Irrational Exuberance

Live Example : Irrational Anxiety


Module 3 - Thinking Like A Trader (1hr 44min)

Introduction & Outline

Trading & Total War - A General Analogy

General Strategy - Profitable Outcomes

General Survival - Anchoring Death

General Losses - Illusionary Depression

Wrapping It Up


Module 4 - Introduction To Candlesticks (46 min)

Introduction To Candlestick Analysis

In This Module...

A Legend Of The Rice Markets – History Of Candlestick Analysis

Advantages & Disadvantages - Candlestick Analysis

Live Chart Examples

Case Study: Candle Close Example

Recap , Summary & Notes

Module 5 - Diving Into Candlestick Analysis (3hrs 10mins)

The Anatomy Of A Candlestick

Evolution of A Candlestick

Single Stick Analysis

Live Chart Examples - Single Stick Analysis (1hour, 1day, 1Week)

The Doji Candlestick Pattern

Hammer, Hanging Man, Shooting Star & More

Live Chart Examples - Doji, Hammer & More

The Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

Summary - Candlestick Analysis

Trading Using Candlestick Anaylsis w/ Chart Examples


Exercise: Candle Closes

Module X - Miscellaneous Seed VIDS (13min 38sec)

Live Example: Exiting A Losing Trade

Module 6 - Excelling In Support & Resistance (3hrs 36mins)



Support & Resistance - Basic Excellence

High Probability S&R Trades - Diving In!

S&R Flips - Immediate, Stuttered & Forgotten

Live Chart Examples - S&R Flips

True Violations & Fake Outs!

Live Chart Example - True Violations & Fake Outs

Anticipating Violations - Avoiding Losses

Live Chart Example - Anticipating Violations

Tips & Tricks -- Support & Resistance


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Module 7 - Institutional Order Flow & Market Mechanics (2hrs 57min)

Introduction & Outline

The Bigger Game

Spreads, Slips & Liquidity

The Institutional Paradox

Engineered Liquidity - Institutional Order Flow

Taking Advantage Of Institutional Order Flow

Protecting Against Liquidity Hunts

Live Examples - Taking Advantage Of Order Flow

Tapping Into Emotions

Trapping Traders - Bull Traps & Bear Traps

Live Examples - Trapping Traders (Bull Traps & Bears Traps)


Module 8 - Leverage Trading (2hrs 55min)

Introduction & Outline

Leverage Trading- Understanding Shorting & Longing

Margin , Leverage Ratio & Funding Rates

Deeper Dive Into Shorting - Leverage Trading

The Margin Call - Understanding Initial Margin & Liquidation

Live Example - Initial Margin & Maintenance Margin & Liquidation

Taking Advantage Of Leverage To Protect Yourself

Counter Party Risk

Summary & Conclusion

Module 9 - Advanced Trend Analysis (3hrs 33mins)

Introduction & Outline

Trend Trading - Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

Diving In : Identifying Trend Types + Chart Examples

Trend Reversals VS Trend Breaks

Patterns & Structural Trend Trading

The Impulse & Consolidation

Analysing Pullbacks - Simple & Complex Pullbacks

Live Example Charts - Trend Structure & Pullbacks

Live Chart Examples - Parabolic & Climactic Moves - Trends DO End!

Parabolic & Climactic Moves - Trends DO End!

Putting It All Together

EXERCISE: Multiple Mango Choices - Chart Quiz

Module 10 - Risk Management (4hrs 45mins)

Introduction & Outline

Risk Manger First Trader Second

Understanding Risk - What Is Your Real Risk?

Types Of Risk - Risk Of Execution

Types Of Risk - Liquidity & Slippage

Types Of Risk - Counterparty & Correlation Risk

Risk Management - Risk & Expectancy

Exits vs Stops - Hypothesis Based Trading

Risk & Stops - Breaking it down

Position Sizing - Risk Management

Volatility Adjusted Position Sizing

VAPS - The Indicator & Tool Sheet

VAPS - S&R Trade Setups

VAPS - Trend Trading Example

VAPS Trade Examples - Shorts & Stop Outs

Summary & Conclusion

Module 11 - Proficiency Of Momentum Oscilators & Divergences (4hrs 35 mins)

Introduction & Outline

Momentum Oscillators - Foundational Concepts

The Myth Of Overbough & Oversold Conditions

Reframing Overbought & Oversold

Trading Momentum Oscillators - OB & OS Trends

Types Of Risk - Liquidity & Slippage

Types Of Risk - Counterparty & Correlation Risk

Mango RSI & Live Trade Examples

Divergences - Busting the Overcomplications

Secrets Of Divergences - It's Hidden!

Confirmation of Divergences - The Real Key!

Live Chart Examples - Bullish Divergence & Confirmation

Hidden Continuous Divergence & Lookback Period

Bearish Divergence Convergence Into Bullish Divergence


VAPS Trade Examples - Shorts & Stop Outs

Summary & Conclusion

Module 12 - Mastering The Ichimoku (5 Hrs 10 mins)

Welcome & Outline

Introduction to The Ichimoku

Components of The Ichimoku

The Tenkan Explained

Insights From The Tenkan

The Kijun Explained

Kijun Sen Insights & Live Chart Demonstration

The TK Relationship (Tenkan-Kijun)

TK Bull Cross, Bear Cross & TK-Kiss

Equilibrium & Disequilibrium

The Cloud

Deep Dive On The Cloud

Chikou Span Explained Simply

The Ichimoku System - Putting It All Together

The Ichimoku Sytem - Live Chart Examples

Types Of Risk - Counterparty & Correlation Risk

Mango RSI & Live Trade Examples

Divergences - Busting the Overcomplications

Secrets Of Divergences - It's Hidden!

Confirmation of Divergences - The Real Key!

Live Chart Examples - Bullish Divergence & Confirmation

Hidden Continuous Divergence & Lookback Period

Bearish Divergence Convergence Into Bullish Divergence


VAPS Trade Examples - Shorts & Stop Outs

Summary & Conclusion

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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